Catholic  Theology  -  Dogmatic

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..Catholic Theology - Dogmatic
      This Roman Catholic website offers 16 free study cards about the 16 classic categories of Dogmatics.

   These summaries present in clear layout of the major texts of the Bible and of the Magisterium of the Church on each topic.

   You are welcome to share these cards for free (quoting the website).

   Sincerely yours in Christ,


    DOWNLOAD  HERE (.pdf):

Thesis 1. Sacred Scripture and Tradition

Thesis 2. Magisterium

Thesis 3. Faith and Reason

Thesis 4. Dogma

Thesis 5. God _Doctrin

Thesis 6. The Blessed Trinity

Thesis 7. Christology

Thesis 8. The Church

Thesis 9. Koinonia - Oecumenism

Thesis 10a. Introduction to Sacraments

Thesis 10b. The Sacraments of Initiation

Thesis 10c. Baptism and Confirmation

Thesis 11. The Eucharist

Thesis 12. Sacrament of Reconciliation

Thesis 13a. Sacrament of Marriage

Thesis 13b. Holy Orders

Thesis 14. Christian Anthropology

Thesis 15. Justification

Thesis 16. Eschatology

(if you happen to have a better version of these theses, please contact me)

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